• TEAM MANAGER Registration Open Fall 2019

    Posted July 17, 2019

    TEAM MANAGER Registration for Fall 2019 is now OPEN

    This is NOT for individual members.

    Members/players will receive an email invite from their team manager.

    If you are having trouble or need assistance, please contact registrar:

Registration for TEAM MANAGERS ONLY
  • TEAM AMNAGERS ONLY- Individuals Do Not Use

    Individual Members will receive email invite from Team manager

    Register Now
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
Organization Calendar
Upcoming Game Schedule
Date Location Location Visitor Home
Mon 07/29/2019 06:30 PM 860 Donau Park -> GFS LARGE
Just 4 Fun
Mon 07/29/2019 06:30 PM 603 -> Bath Community Center
Back in Black


Back in Black


Just 4 Fun

-> Bath Community Center

1615 N Cleveland Massillon
Bath, OH 44333
View in Google Maps

Donau Park -> GFS LARGE

3871 Ranfield Rd
Brimfield, OH 44240
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Player Instructions
Starting Fall 2018 the Player Insurance Fee is now a Member Fee.
Each player will be required to pay $15 MEMBER FEE EACH SEASON.

Players will register by receiving an email invite from their team manager, via Team Connect.

***********WADSWORTH TEAMS ONLY check the boxes under WASA*************
If you check these boxes, you will be charged WASA fees in a edition to NOASA fees.

The only way to join a teams from an email invite, via TEAM CONNECT

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER A TEAM, if you are an individual.
All players should receive an invite from their manager via Team Connect.

If you have questions or problems, please feel free to contact registrar:
Team Pages
Posted Mar 14, 2018

Please go to:

In the upper right hand green area, click button button: MEMBER LOG IN

Please enter your email, choose a password and continue 

Enter your First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number and click SIGN IN


Once you are a MEMBER, you should check your email for a Team Invite from your manager, accept the invite to join a team.

If you play on multiple teams, you will need to accept an invite from each team.

Field Locations
Posted Mar 15, 2018

Field Locations